VAT Return and Registration Advice from Accountants

in Woolwich, London

Receive expert services and advice on all aspects of VAT returns and registration with Lesstax 4 U. Based in Woolwich, London, we complete and check returns for businesses throughout the UK, using our compatible HMRC software. Alternatively, we can provide training to help you complete VAT returns. Please note that the VAT registration threshold is £85,000 and deregistration is £83,000. Get in touch today with any further enquiries.


Whether you need to check your return before submission or you simply want to hand us your records and complete your return for you, we offer complete services, including:


  • Reviewing and Sample-Checking Your Accounting Records for Errors

  • Sample-Testing the Most Common Errors That VAT Inspectors Look for

  • Considering Whether You Are Making the Best Use of Relevant VAT Scheme

  • Statistically Analysing Your Completed Returns

  • Comparing Your VAT Returns against Your Annual Accounts

  • Checking the VAT Treatment of Your Sales

  • Helping You Correctly Apply the Rules of VAT Schemes

  • Identifying VAT Planning Opportunities


If you are completing a VAT return for the first time or need to register your company, we provide the following services:


  • Applying for and Advising on VAT Registration, including All Forms and Formalities

  • Advising on VAT Schemes Suitable for Your Business

  • Completing and Checking VAT Returns

  • Dealing with VAT Control Visits and Any Contentious Disputes with Customs and Excise

  • Attending VAT Inspections

  • Alerting You to Possible Pitfalls for VAT on Properties and Other Complex Areas

  • Handling VAT Planning and Dispute Resolution

Covering All Aspects of VAT

From completing VAT returns to supporting VAT registration, our services cover all your needs.

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